We are average people, tasked with
defending our fellow Americans, our
communities, our homes, and our way
of life, as was first designed by our
founding fathers.
We are not a militia. However, we
will stand up to protect the Constitu-
tion, our liberties, lives, and property..
When you join the Oregon III%
organization, you will not be alone.
You will be standing alongside other
like-minded individuals in resisting
tyrannical government that has grown
out of control and beyond the lawful
restraints of the Constitution . The
spirit of Liberty lives on in the III%!
Take a stand with Oregon III% to pre-
serve our liberties!


In early 2014, Oregon Three Percent was founded. Little transpired for many months, until a small group of Americans held a meeting in the home of an Eastern Oregon patriot. An idea was spoken of that night, it was the dream to create a statewide network of Americans who loved Liberty and could work together with their neighbors to rebuild our communities, our State, and our homes to a place where values of life, liberty, and prosperity were once again principles that people would live by. A dream to unite Americans who call Oregon their home, around a banner of resolute actions to preserve Freedom for our communities by standing in the defiance of tyranny. A family of patriots that would welcome all Liberty loving Americans, regardless of race, gender, creed, age or social standing. A dream to inspire and empower patriots to stop resting on their laurels and take a stand with their fellow man, for their fellow man. That dream was Oregon III%, and it was realized.

From those humble beginnings grew what is now a strong, loyal, connected, well trained, and powerful family of patriots. A family spread throughout an entire State, yet brought together through their love for life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A family that has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States of America.

That family is known today as Oregon III%

Oregon III% has embodied the spirit of the American Patriot. From defending our nations Miners, Veterans, Ranchers, and all Citizens whose liberties are in peril, to standing for our Constitutional rights on the steps of the state capitol, our members hold the line against tyranny with great resolve, shoulder to shoulder, in the fight to restore our liberties. From placing thousands of constitutions in the hands of Americans to bringing our Citizens together for education in civics, first aid, emergency preparedness, and firearms training. Oregon III% provides a place for any Freedom-loving American to get involved at the local level, and together, start to affect a positive change in our great nation.

What started as the dream of a few dedicated Patriots quickly grew into a well-structured statewide organization with localized chapters rising to the call of Liberty with the support of a centralized leadership. After Oregon III% had fulfilled its purpose in uniting and empowering the patriots of Oregon, the time had come to honor the example of fierce independence set forth by our forefathers. The obligation to carry on the principles of the Three Percenters was passed to the individual Patriot, The place where the true heart of Liberty lives!

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